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About the Author

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I am Lauren Darcy, a mother of three amazing boys and a wife to my loving husband Ben. I love  the outdoors, being active and running. 

I am the founder of  Alooku (pronounced A-Loo-Koo), and the author of Grateful Miles. The name Alooku was derived from the Finnish word Luku meaning chapter and I have added the 'A' to mean All Chapters. 

In 2019 I suffered a serious ankle injury and could not run or chase after my boys. My rehabilitation was long which took its toll on my usual positive outlook.

I learned about gratitude journaling and the importance of appreciation for what is valuable and meaningful to oneself. Through journaling day by day I found new things to be thankful for and the benefits improved my overall life satisfaction and happiness.  

As like the meaning 'all chapters' Grateful Miles is about finding all those chapters in your life to be grateful for. It's that balance of a healthy mindset and reaching physical goals to bring out the best versions of yourselves.  

I hope by sharing Grateful Miles and my journaling experience, you too will find the happiness I have. 

With Gratitude

Lauren x

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